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Two turkeys Taken :)

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Well tonite when i got home from work i had a message from Don Martin some of you know him and some of you dont well anyway him and his girlfriend Page tagged out today :) they got there turkeys how cool is that i will have pixs tonite and or by tomorrow but of course page got the bigger bird LMAO
she shot a 18 plus pound tom with and 10 1/2 beard and 1 plus inch spurs she shot it with her 20 ga at 29 yards!!! good girl. Dons birds is a little bit more funny but i'll post that on another post [email protected] DON TTTEE HHEEE Hey he loves me any way he shot his bird with a 12 ga at 39 yards his bird is 12 pounds with a 9 inch berad and he didnt tell me what the spurs were HAHAHA thats my boy DON!!!! got to love them both!!
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Thats is great

Nothing like wild turkey cook or bottled
thanks they had a great time waiting for the pixs it maybe tomorrow before i get them :( Don doesnt know how to resize dit pix yet gues i need to go over and show him lol nothing like fresh wild turkey your right no bottle for them or me lol will drink green tea though
I have two programs the one that comes with Micrsoft works does a great job for cropping and resizing...Then Photoshop for all the other stuff

i like those V8 splashes.. thing about Tea it goes through me faster then coffee
i have the same photo programs lol i dont kow what don has i'm just to scared to teach me :runforhills: lmao ttee hhhee

i love v8 splashes they are good but i drink green tea when i'm out hunting dont know why though. lol :)
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