TX Javelina Hunts

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  1. https://tucson.craigslist.org/spo/d/van-horn-private-land-javelina-hunt/7148259554.html

    Self Guided & Semi Guided Javelina hunts in west Texas. We are now booking for early this fall through spring of next year. DIY hunts on large properties in west Texas or semi guided hunts with lodging.
    DIY $350 each for 2.5 days. No season, available year round.

    Fishing included if on one of ranches that border the river. Competitive pricing.
    Check out the options on my website here:

    Happy Hunting

    Saw this posting and thought I would share----Van Horn is an easy drive from Tucson--
  2. Lets go steveG, got to have fishing to. Maybe Dave will offer us a hunt for Javis, Have not asked. I bet they are on the ranch, Just a LONGGGGG drive is all.
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  3. This is the same outfit I went on an AXIS hunt with--the guides are fantastic....
  4. I’m not paying to hunt javalina out of state, since I can chase a couple here in AZ. But wild piggies? Oh yeah.
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