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  1. Guys,
    I've never been out strictly varmint hunting, and I'm thinking maybe this weekend I'll give it a try out in 37B just for something to do and to get out of the house.
    First off, anyone is welcome to join if you'd like. Let me know and I'll PM you my number or visca versa.
    Second, what kinda (cheap!) call would you recommend for coyotes?
    I'd need something pretty fullproof (read idiot proof) that is easy to use...I've never used a call of any type so I wouldn't know a good noise from a bad one.

    Waddya say guys?

  2. TallPaul

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    Hey Ron, I buy the hand calls up at SW ( Sportsman Warehouse for those how are wondering ) I haven't been up there in a few weeks but they have alot to choise from. I bought the Distress Calls - (most are) because of what I read. I have a few DVDs as well. You can pick a call up from $5.00 on up.
    I am buying a new call once a month ( or more if my wife doesn't know :lol: ) I made my own E-caller (mp3 type )as well for under $65.00. One could do it for less. maybe $30.00 and under. I sort of made collecting Predator Calls a little hobbie.

    I went out a few times last year but didn't conect. I am still trying to figure it out as I am a newbe.
    A guy that shows up on this site every now and then, went out with me last year and we called 1 in, but that was at the end of spring and got to hot for me to hunt any more.
    I have to work Saturday morning but would like to go out Sunday morning.

  3. Might be able to do it Sunday morning, providing I dont' have to get up too early :D Do you work all day Saturday?
    Is early better than later, or does it really matter?

    Anyone else interested too? Kind of an impromptu get together? We could all hook up somewhere close and go from there; I have room for 1 in my jeep if Paul doesn't want it. We could make it a little off-road road trip, or not, depending on everyone's vehicles. I'd planned on going out 96 Ranch way, but it really doesn't matter to me. There are places closer but they seem to have a lot of ATV'ers unless you're willing to go through some very rough stuff to get away from everyone.

    Anyone have any tips for TallPaul & I? how often to call, etc.

    Hey Paul - mebbe we could at least wack a rabbit for the stew pot? Haven't ever tried rabbit from AZ yet... :D
  4. TallPaul

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    I work Saturday morning. It's still a little hot for ME out in the Desert in the afternoon. I am full Camo - Head to toe. Face mask and hat. So with the afternoons in the 90's and all the stuff one hulls in it's a bit warm. I like 5:00 AM myself.
  5. Chief

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    So, did you guys go out last weekend?
  6. Havent had a good freeze yet I dont know if I would eat the rabbits yet or not. And as Chief stated how did it go? or did you go? Come on do tell. !!!LOLll Please.
  7. TallPaul

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    Chief , UPDATE- Sorry I am alittle late. No we didn't go. Dutchman said he rather play with his Dogs than go hunting with me, what a kick in the teeth. :crutch: . He was saying some thing about taining his dogs and looking for new guns. Said something about the kids and the wife and..... you get the picture. :lol:

    J/k Ron . He called me and remembered he made plans before and it slip his mind. 8) .
  8. Dang - Just saw this....

    I'd like to gou out some time. Next couple of weekends suck, but after that, I'm game :D
  9. Chief

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    I'm ready anytime you are. Have a buddy coming in from back east this Thursday. We plan on hunting from sunup to sunset everyday he is here, 4 thru 11 Oct, we will be in 35a, 30b and 30a. After we leaves wife and I and 2 grandchildren are taking off for Big Lake for a few days of fishing. Of course I'll have my rifle and a few calls with me - just in case.
  10. Chief,

    I sent you a pm .

    Still working on my schedule for those dates. I will give you a call here tomorrow sometime and try and catch you at the house.