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Typical Wal-Mart Marketing

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I recently bought a really cool looking Coast brand LED "tackle box" flashlight at Wal-Mart. This flashlight comes with 4 small watch batteries (AG5) included.

Not considering anything being wrong with it, I threw away the receipt. I only paid $5 and change for it, and, I have a similar one that uses UV light to light-up my sight pins on my bow. It is also a Coast brand flashlight and it works flawlessly.

Anyway, I get this new flashlight home, unwrap the packaging and find out it doesn't work. I took the end-cap off and discovered why. The batteries were dead and had slightly leaked that sticky crap inside the tube. After beating the table top with the flashlight end-cap off, I finally got the 4 tiny batteries out.

Well, since I threw away the receipt, I thought I'd just run back to Wally World, bite the bullet and buy some replacement batteries for it.

WRONG!! Wal-Mart carries every battery imaginable, except of course, the batteries that this flashlight requires. Now, why in the hell would a company like Wal-Mart carry a product line of flashlights and NOT carry replacement batteries for it? It may be that this is an isolated case, or just the fact this is the Winslow Wal-Mart, which IMO, has always been poorly managed.

Given the mood I'm in, I'd like to take this flashlight back to Wal-Mart and insert it into a certain bodily orifice of the store Manager. My better senses tell me not to do it, but I sure feel like it!

And before anyone suggests shopping elsewhere, there are no "other" alternatives here in Winslow. Wal-Mart is the ONLY place in the dreary village of Winslow to shop.

I have found where I can buy replacement batteries online, but I must buy a 10-pack of them. Add shipping and handling, and the cost will triple the original cost of the flashlight.

Aaaargh! :cry:
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Bummer! I had to replace my batteries in my sight em from walmart, got em home....and guess what? They didn't work. Don't know if they are the wrong ones, or if something is wrong with my sight light. Any ideas?
Oh yea.....they were $12 for 3 lousy little batteries! :cry:
Yea guys, but look at the money you saved on the lights........wasn't it a great deal!!!
archerman, is your sight-pin flashlight a Coast light?
Take them back. The reason companies don't care is because nobody calls them on it when products don't work. Even if you don't have a reciept you can get store credit. Expect nothing, get nothing.
Well, I got some unexpected good news today. (No, my credit card wasn't hit for $114.00)

Thursday I did a web search for Coast Cutlery, which is the company that made the flashlight that I bought at Wal-Mart.

I used their Contact Us link to explain my situation and they promptly e-mailed me back saying they were sending out 4 replacement batteries at no cost to me. :shock:

I replied by thanking them and that I really appreciated their customer service. I have to give these folks 5 Stars for excellent customer service.

As for Wal-Mart, well... nevermind.
I'm glad that the actual producer is picking up the slack for the seller. Definately makes them look good. Lots of freebies in being nice. Some compaines get it and some dont.

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