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Discussion in 'Welcome & Orientation' started by kenton6, Aug 10, 2006.

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    I was reading a post under the Bow Hunting forum where a member was looking for Ghillie suits and camos. Without sounding like a hard sell, I would like to remind you guys that if you look at the top of the page just under the banner, there's a link to "Outpost". That's our store. Many of the products you buy online come from a lot of the same stores we have affiliate programs with, like Cabelas, Bass Pro, etc..
    If you are going to go online and buy it, think about getting there via our Outpost. This generates a bit of cash for us to help keep this and other sites in business.
    We certainly appreciate the business.
  2. Chief

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    I need to buy a Red Dot Scope. Tried to buy from Maine Vue Optics but they don't carry them as of yet. I have decided to buy one from Cabelas, how do I ensure that we (Arizona Hunting Today) gets credit for the sale?

  3. Hi Chief, If you click on the banner up top that says Cabela's on it and go and purchase something on their site it will track that it came from this site.

    Right now, the proceeds we get do not go strictly to the Arizona site but rather to the entire U.S. Hunting Today network. We have been thinking of creating links and banners for specific states at some point but that would mean creating about 50 accounts and most affiliate programs only allow you to create 1. But within that one account, depending on the store you can ID each of the links to specify which sites are getting what for referrals. Right now Cabela's does not do that but I read somewhere they are looking into it from publishers (those with websites) requests..

    Ok so to answer your question simply, just click on the Cabela's banner up top and the proceeds which is 5% for Cabela's goes to our Network.

    I hope this info has helped.
  4. Chief

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    Thanks, didn't know if I should just go to their web site or go through the banner routine. I buy a lot of stuff from them so from now on I'll go through the banner.
  5. Chief, yea you can click on the banner there or Click on the link that says Outpost up top. Over at the Outpost you can click on any link that will get you to that site.

    I appreciate you thinking of us. All proceeds go straight back into the sites here to make it a better place.