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    What a pathetic reply. I support the right to freedom of speech, but c'mon. Did the replying party actually think his email reply would remain confidential?

    Actually, I'm not at all shocked by the response. I just hope the reply came from the company owner, and not some schmuck employee who was airing his own political laundry about the War.

    Either way, I wouldn't take a truck-load of mats from this company, even if they were FREE.

    You don't have to support our President's decisions/policies on the War, but, by golly, we MUST support our troops! God Bless America.

  2. Yea....I wonder how they think they have the freedom to own and operate their little bogus discount mat business?.Hmmmmmmmmm.
    Gauranteed I will never use em! :evil:
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    I believe that one should support those that support you. You don't turn your back on them. So when people turn thier backs on our fighting men and women. They are turning thier backs on me.
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    I guess the web site was getting hit with all kinds of stuff. That web site is "Experiening Technical Difficulties" at this time..... Hmmmmmm I wonder if they had" dealt with that employee". Being a web site like that one ( in my opinion) can't be that big. They may change names and try to keep going.