Unit 18B predator report?

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  1. Well, at least they didn't gang up on you and pummel you for being of the male persuasion! LOL
    Some of those "Ladies" are Man-Haters and can be none-to-friendly whereas others are just the sweetest because they were just Good all-around People irrespective of their "other" preferences.
    I wanna know if you bought a round for the house? Hahaha.
  2. Howard...many nights my lady friends did not have to buy drinks---more for my safety. They knew which of the lovely ladies were "really" ladies and which were not when I talked to them ;-)

    They also kept those that did not like men, as you stated, away....my own body guards. Once those individuals got to know me and knew I was not a threat or anything--it was not as bad

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    So, no one has been up to 18b to do some predator hunting lately eh?;)
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  4. I had a similar experience in Tempe. I was working at the collage and there was a bar across from our motel with a big sign that said

    It turned out to be a Lesbian bar, They were not into construction workers at all! But some of them were definitely predators! DR
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  5. Since I started this mess by mentioning what a nice town it is, I shall make amends. The north east end of the unit is what I know, come in from the Williamson Valley, thru unit 17(A or B). Get close to the ranches off Camp Wood Rd, stay on the correct side of the road and find somewhere to call. Don’t know the west side all that well but the times I’ve been there so have they. 4x4 recommended for both sides if you wanna get back a ways.

    Good luck. Used to surf that long slow break back in the day....

  6. Thanks...I came looking for predator hunting insight and the thread went gay real quick. Wasn't quite sure how to handle that. I have a 4X4 and an ebike and accommodations in 18A...not far from where you're recommending.