Unit 27 2nd day success

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  1. This is a mule deer taken on the 2nd day of hunting Unit 27 in Arizona. It's the only deer I saw in 2 days of hard hunting. I got a good nights rest after tramping ridges and canyons on the first day so I was ready to go the morning of the 2nd day. After coffee and breakfast at 4am I was on my way before daylight. I use a ATV to get where I want to go and then take off on foot and still hunt. Most all morning, every time I would climb to a ridge top a ATV would come putting by. I went to another area that looked promising and parked and started up a old logging road that angled towards the top. About half way up here comes another one down the trail. He stopped and we exchanged howdy's and "have you seen anything?" After answering "nope" he left and I continued up the trail. Near the top, I stopped and sat down at the base of a big pine to let things quiet down for about a half hour. When I figured it was about quiet enough, I got up and started up the ridge. Just as I neared the top, I saw this 3 point walking along grazing and couldn't believe my eyes. It didn't take me long to raise my rifle and place my shot behind the shoulder. Upon impact he went down and then lunged forward out of sight. It was about 150 yards and when I got up there I couldn't find him right off. The ground was covered with oak leaves with little red flowers and no blood trail was obvious. I looked the the direction that he lunged and it dropped off straight down, and I said "oh no". I walked along the edge looking for scrapes in the leaves and then I saw him. He went down right on the edge of the drop off. How lucky can you get? I quickly gutted him out and took off down the ridge for my ATV parked about a mile away. Managed to get back up to him and get him loaded for the trip to camp. I didn't see any other deer hanging on my way back, so I really feel blessed.
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    Congratulations on a good looking buck and thanks for the picture.

  3. Congrats on filling the tag, And sounds like you were able to see some country. Still hunting is a lost art, and with the advent of ATV and all the rest of them its not likely to be atught as much any more. Again congrats on a nice looking set of backstraps. LOL..

  4. Way to Go!

    I'm getting excited about doing a little archery muley hunting late next month.
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    Congrats... :beer: Thanks for sharing your story and picture.
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    glad to hear of your success. good to see someone use an ATV the right way....driving to a destination, and not just buzzing around trying to jump a deer. I have run into far too many guys buzzing around on ATV's that say they haven't seen anything all day, but when I start glassing the hills, it's deer I see.