Unit 27 OTC

Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by Rich B, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. Well the district I've been subbing at is returning to distant learning. Hence I have some free time. Looking to make a trip to unit 27 Dec 13 - 17. I would rater not do this trip alone so if anyone wants to come along give me a PM and we'll get it worked out.
  2. I might be able to swing this...not sure how busy I will be having just started RETIREMENT....lol

    Will look and PM if possible
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  3. Please disregard this post, someone forgot to check AGFD dates for OTC in this unit.
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  4. OH, Come on Rich, Get it straight, was clearing calendar for those dates, now will have to start over. :mad:
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  5. Bearfoot--Right!!! Already looking at going--tease...
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  6. Isn't Unit 1 open for the December it's right next door?
  7. It's now a desert hunt for me. Last day of work today. Start planning and anticipating tomorrow. Guess I could re-title thread Unit 40 A/B OTC hunt
  8. We might bump into you if you are in 40A/B. I have a couple of friends that bow hunt. I go along as an extra set of eyes. I might be too distracted by quail this year to be much help to them. Plus after 10 days of deer hunting and an upcoming elk hunt my eyes are going to be tired of being behind the glass.
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  9. For December OTC I will be hitting U41 and U24A - always willing to partner up!

    But for January OTC I will be heading back to 27 - always happy to have company.
    PM me if you want to make a plan. Cheers, Good Luck and have a great Thanksgiving!