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  1. Short story. A friend got drawn for Unit one December 7-13 cow and now can't use it. Changing Jobs and states. He is willing to give it to a legal organization like "Hunt of a lifetime" etc. He is exmilitary. What are the names of some organizations he can contact. He was the fourth on the application with me.
    Thx Bob W.

  2. The charity....Steve's Gotta Go on a Hunt is really a good group jk

    This is great of him. I like the link khmer6 sent you and also, as a VET, support military efforts. Has he tried to reach out directly to the VA group here?

    Here are a couple of numbers that I thought might help....

    Human Resources
    HR is located in Building 68. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 to 4:30 except for federal holidays. (520) 792-1450 Ext. 1-1803

    Public Affairs
    Building 1
  3. Steve you do crack me up...lol this must be tough to give up a tag but really cool he is donating it.
  4. Did I say that this was an "unapproved" VET charity group?

    It is very cool of him--always looking for ways to reduce taxes---should look at using this as a tax donation effort as well for tax season next year.
  5. Thx guys.
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