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    Folks, if you haven't already done so, and you want to enjoy all the advanced features of posting on our forum, please do the following:

    Click the User CP button located in the banner at the top of each forum page. (You will see many options listed there; FAQ, Members List, Calendar, Arcade, etc...)

    Then click on the Edit Options button.

    When the Edit Options page loads, scroll all the way down to the Miscellaneous Options - Message Editor Interface.

    Finally, from the drop-down options button, select the Enhanced Interface - WYSIWYG Editing - and then click the Save Changes button.

    This will allow you to enjoy all the advanced features offered by the forum.
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  2. I wanted to put an avatar but when I click on to that it doesn't give me the option to use or download one :(

  3. I'm impressed that for such an old guy, TD is a pretty good computer geek. Ah, the retired life.