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  1. I have a question about vehicle hunting. I'm not interested in it for myself. I enjoy getting my boots dirty. But I was reading the regs and came across this little number:

    "No person may take wildlife from a motor vehicle, watercraft or aircraft, except as permitted by Commission Order, and under the provisions of the Challenged Hunter Access Mobility Permit Commission Rule (R12-4-
    217). “Take,” as defined by law, includes pursuing, shooting, hunting and killing wildlife. You are unlawfully using a vehicle to take wildlife if you intentionally drive around until you see the animal you wish to harvest
    and then make an attempt to take. “Road hunting” is illegal; so is pursuing wildlife with a vehicle, chasing or heading off moving wildlife with a vehicle, and driving off-road to get closer to wildlife. You do not have to
    shoot from the vehicle to be in violation."

    Now on my last elk hunt I saw at least 3 trucks roaming around. I actually stopped and talked with a guy for a little bit who was driving around and he admitted to me that he was hunting from the truck. He had jumped out of his truck to grab some snacks out of the bed of his truck and didn't appear to have any challenges. It's not my place to judge anyone, but how many vehicle hunters are typically driving the roads? Is it super easy to get a medical waiver to hunt from the truck or do that many people just not care or know the regulations?
  2. I would guess most don't care about the regs. I have seen many a "hunter" staying in their vehicle, driving the roads and trails day after day. I doubt they have good success rates. There was actually a "dumbass" blocking the road, not getting out of others way back in November. Glad I don't care when my RZR gets scratched, can't say how he felt about it though.
    I would love to see a guy shoot from inside a vehicle, just to see what the concussion would do to the windows.
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  3. I can see a fair bit of legal grey area with that one. If I am driving from spot to spot glassing for animals does that count? How far do I have to walk from the truck to no longer be considered "hunting" from it? What if I am driving around checking water holes for tracks and I happen across an elk? What if I am not driving around looking for the animal that I want to harvest, what if I am driving around scouting for areas to hunt and I happen to pass an animal that I want to harvest?

    Seems like a broad sweeping rule that can be skirted as long as you answer questions like the above "properly". Just curious if there is more to the story, do you have a page in the regs where you found this?
  4. You cannot be in or on a vehicle unless disabled. You can't use a vehicle as a rest. And you can't shoot across a road.
  5. Yeah, it also says that you don't need to be in our on the vehicle to get in trouble to (104). But you're right, I could also see that being a gray area. And unless u get caught red handed how would this get enforced. Comes down to integrity I guess.
  6. Life itself comes down to personal integrity. As hunters and fishermen it's our duty to follow the rules and carry ourselves as an example to others.
    I have seen video of gfd using deer mannequins to lure hunters. It seems to work pretty well.

    I love to hunt and fish so I am not wittingly breaking any rules and losing that right.
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  7. There are a lot of "gray" areas in most every law but fact is most of the "hunters" you see driving up and down the roads are road hunting and are illegal. They are not hunters in the true meaning of the word and their ethics are questionable. Many are the same jerks that leave trash along the back roads. This like many other rules and regs is difficult if not impossible to enforce so it comes down to those of us who are "sportsman" continuing to stress that with people we hunt with.

    I had to add to this. It amazes me how many beer cans are left along the roads during hunting seasons. I have a few drinks but at the end of the day when back in camp and cooking dinner. There is no room for drinking, driving and hunting. It's my life and the life of my family members who are hunting with me that these low lifes are threatening.

    I have said this before and I still strongly believe in it. A safety and ethics test should be mandatory for anyone being issued a hunting license. If you can't pass, you don't hunt PERIOD.
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  8. I live in unit 22n.

    About three years ago, during the annual cow elk hunt, I was trying to get home on the control road. I wasn't even hunting. Some ... morons, I hesitate to call them "hunters" -- were driving down the control road at about 5mph in a jeep, and stopping so that they blocked the road every few hundred yards. They'd park crossways if they had to, to keep anyone from passing. They wouldn't let anyone pass them from behind, honked when anyone passed them from the oncoming direction, and they were glassing out the jeep's sunroof.

    I yelled at them that I was just trying to get home, and they yelled back that I would "scare the elk" if I passed them. And then they yelled, screamed, and honked, and flipped the bird when somebody in a quad managed to get around them.

    I called the cops with a description of the car and a license plate number. I was FURIOUS. (And exhausted, I'd been on the road since seven AM.) And, also, they were stupid -- dude, you're not going to find elk along the control road at 4PM on the Sunday after opening day unless by sheer dumb luck. Most inconsiderate, STUPID, crazy, selfish, rude idiots I've ever run into in the forest.

    Never did find out if the cops caught them -- reached my turn off (after an HOUR to go five miles) before the sheriff arrived. There were at least ten cars behind them, and everyone was honking and they just wouldn't let anyone pass -- would literally park the jeep sideways across the road whenever they wanted to stop and glass.
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  9. Man, Ive seen it before in this unit, I get so hot Ill put it in 4 wheel drive to get around them, stop and block the road, get out, get Lic. plate Number, description of vehicles, report as driving with beer in hand, Threaten them, get on my way, of coarse while doing so Ive got a loaded 10 mm on carry if they want to be jerks, never have found out if they got caught, but makes me feel better, would really like to shot there radiator and leave them stranded, but have not done so.
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