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  1. Right! Well I have looked through that glass and it’s the best I’ve ever seen but it’s out of my price range and comfort zone.
  2. Best glass I ever looked through was when I was a young Marine.

    It would turn a nope into a heck yeah, I'll hit that.

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  3. Swaros are nice, But, Last time i looked at binocs at a box store, Bushnell looked Good, Stieners looked better so I bought them, Swaros looked like Stieners. The Stieners are now my truck glass, The Vortex are my hunt glass. Im Happy with my choice.Saved enough to buy a new rifle, that made more sense to me. :D
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  4. I use a lot of vortex and athlon. Both are excellent glass, I don't understand the mid range comments. I have looked through swarovski and to my blind eyes they dont appear appreciably better than my vortex. Certainly not enough to justify the price difference. I make consistent accurate shots past 800 with both my vortex and athlon.

    My take is get what you are comfortable with and use what works for you. I can pay for a couple hunts with the money i save by using vortex
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  5. Absolutely. Although where Swaro comes into its own is in low light, and in edge to edge crispness and clarity. Swaro is insane quality glass, with an insane price point to back it. Vortex is plenty good enough for most applications.
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  6. I have had Swarovski binoculars for the past 30 + years.
    I spend hours at a time looking through my binoculars when hunting and want the very best.
    I still have the first pair I ever bought and they work just fine.
    I don't know anyone that can say that about a pair of Vortex.

    All Vortex Binoculars and scopes are made in Asia.
    Mainly China and a few in Japan and the Philippines.

    Swarovski are made in Austria.
  7. Vortex is great glass for those that can’t afford top of the line. That being said, I haven’t had the best luck with their warranty. I have a pair of 15x50 Viper HD’s with a bent ring that holds in one of the objective lenses. Sent it in for repair, came back looking as if they didn’t even touch them. I complained and they offered free shipping to send them back to get fixed right this time. Sent it back, came back still bent but not quite as bad with a free hat. Really crap that they can’t fix something like that.

    This particular model has been discontinued so maybe they don’t have new rings to replace my bent ring and no replacement new pair of binos. Regardless, I was pretty disappointed considering I’ve heard how great their warranty is. I will probably try to send them back again after hunting season, maybe it will get fixed maybe it won’t? Either way it’s been a real annoyance having to send my binos in multiple times for the same problem.
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  8. Maybe your damage is too minor.
    Toss 'em off a cliff and then send 'em back.
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