Weasel - welcome to the forum!

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by AZ~ThunderDan, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. AZ~ThunderDan

    AZ~ThunderDan Site Administrator Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my buddy, Weasel. I met him a couple of years ago on some other outdoorsman forums that he used to Moderate.

    Weasel is an experienced outdoorsman/hunter with a vast knowledge on predator calling and calls. He comes to us from Utah, just above the AZ border - near the Hurricaine Cliffs. These are identical cousins to the Vermillion Cliffs in Arizona. Strip country.

    Welcome to the forum Weasel, we look forward to your contributions. How about a big old Arizona Welcome folks?

    P.S. Weasel, work on that avatar, would ya? LOL.
  2. Desert Rat

    Desert Rat Super Mod Mod

    Welcome, weasel! The more the merrier :D

  3. TallPaul

    TallPaul Guest


    Hi there Weasel, Did i hear right? Did someone say you are into Predator Calling and hunting? I will be asking for the help. :D . My goal by years end is to call in a Coyote and Bobcat. Will get full mount for Bobcat if I can connect with one.
  4. TallPaul

    TallPaul Guest

    That's the one !

    Weasel , Oh yes sir. Great pictures and I will be taking some myself. ( one of these days) Sure glad you are here.
  5. AZ~ThunderDan

    AZ~ThunderDan Site Administrator Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    TallPaul, I've talked about making a trip up Weasel-way for quite some time. Maybe early this fall we can both go? There's some great calling on the Navajo reservation up there by him. A permit is only $30 a year, I think. Best place in the world to get indoctrinated into calling coyotes. We could pick up Weasel and make a weekend of it, camping and calling. You get to Winslow, I'll drive the rest.
  6. That would be a great idea. There are a few other areas that we could hunt too.
  7. TallPaul

    TallPaul Guest

    Predators Watch out!

    I am in, I am in,. That sounds great to me. I can make it up to Winslow in about 45 min. and then you can drive up the rest.... I hope you drive as fast as I do... Okay , I am get alittle a head of my self. :D .
    We can make the plans in a few months. Cool.
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