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A little story for you all.
Me and a buddy headed up to Ash Fork on Tuesday the day after Christmas.
He had seen a nice buck a couple weeks before on an Elk hunt. I was planning on going up to 23, but he really wanted a shot at this big boy. I actually liked the idea of a new area to hunt, so off we went.
Got up there about 10:30 AM and proceeded to scout the area he had seen that buck. We get onto the road to take us back in and 2 quads pull up. What's on the back?..........A real nice heavy beamed 3x4! We chatted for a while with the hunters and found that they thought the rut was in full swing. Great news for us! We were so excited driving back to the area, we were just bouncing! :tea:
When we got back there, we glassed and checked for sign. Found an area with lots of sign and I decided to set up my pop up blind for the evening hunt.
We then scouted for the rest of the day and came back for the evening hunt. My hunting partner decided to still-hunt through the area from about 2 miles away towards where I was in the hopes of either nailing one himself, or pushing them towards me. Well, long story short.....NOTHIN! :(
Checked into the hotel, ate dinner, watched some hunting videos and then hit the hay!
We got up early and headed to the area before light to glass for a while. Got setup and waited for the sun to break. We glassed for quite awhile with absolutely NO movement from anything other than birds! :cry: What a bummer. By the way, it was quite chilly sitting there glassing. I did discover that my beeno's actually work way better than my spotting scope though!
We decided to start moving around the Mtn. to glass the other sides into the flats and draws. After a couple hours of hiking and glassing, still nothing!
While we were at breakfast the final day, this local old-timer comes in. He sits down to order and asked us what we were hunting. We told him archery deer. He then proceeded to tell us of two different spots that he always sees bucks and NICE bucks at that. We talked for quite awhile while finishing our meals and gained more info.
After we get in the truck, I look over and say to my buddy "what do you think? Our spot, or listen to the old timer?" He says "mmmmmmmmmm I don't know, what do you think?" So I respond, "Far be it from us to doubt the locals!" So that's where we headed. :lol:

We get to the area just before light, stop to take care of a nature call and head out. As we're driving, not even 5 minutes in the area, BAM! I nice little 3x3 bolts across this meadow parallel to the truck! :lol: He ends up in a tree line, so we pull over a little farther up the road, backtrack and get our game faces on. We decided that my bud would take the truck up about a mile and hang in a wood-line that the buck should be headed for and I would stay, give it 10 minutes and then start tracking.
I start the slow process of moving through the woods following this bucks tracks following a game trail, headed right towards the tree-line he’s supposed to be at. About 150 yards in, the trees I am in end at the edge of another meadow. I look around the tree I was behind and WHAMO! There is a buck about 200 yards in this field. He is very close to where my buddy is supposed to be, so I call him on the cell. He answers real quite like and I said “ Do you see him? He’s right there in the field near you!” He responds, “no man, that’s a BIGGER buck and he’s got another buck and a doe with him!” I glassed the deer and OH MAN what a sight. A real nice 4x4. Big and Tall! :shock:
They were feeding towards where I thought my partner would be so I told him “I’ll stalk towards them, they may come towards you, so be ready”. I slowly creep out of the tree line and the little buck busts to the proper tree line! The Big boy was still feeding to the same tree line also. I got about 75 yards into the meadow when I looked up and saw my partner 2/3 of the way crossing the opening between tree lines! Oh No! The Big boy saw him and ran into the tree line I was working towards. Crap! I decided to go ahead and stalk him on my own, so I double-timed it towards the tree line even though I could hardly breathe through the adrenaline! About 50 yards from it, I see the little one Blasting out of the trees heading the same direction as my partner. “Get him partner”, I thought to myself! I continued on another couple of yards, look up, and see the doe doing the same thing, then the big boy follows about 4 seconds later! Dangit…..busted! :x
I didn’t see my partner and did not see any indication that a shot had been taken. I was thinking, man, they had to of crossed right by him!
Anyways, we got back to the truck and my partner tells me they crossed by him at about 70 yards, but no shot because of trees and the speed in which they were booking it. What a bummer.
It ended up that we were in the exact area the local old-timer had told us about! :wink:
I tell you what, we had a great time, got snowed on, and put on a good stalk! Nothing like being out in the woods on a crisp Dec. day doing what we love!
Maybe next time.
Good luck to all on your hunts!

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thanks for the story archerman, sounds like you made a good decision and found thr=e right area.
i went to 23 in an attempt to find a buck i'd seen a couple of weeks earlier, they have all gone nocturnal.
tracks in the snow everywhere not a deer in sight. talked to a hunter that had been there three days and not seen a deer.
good luck in 2007
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