Weird Finds?

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  1. What are some of the weird things you've found while out hunting?

    Yesterday I found a skydiver's helmet. Laying inside was some kind of altimeter thingy...
  2. Most of the areas I hunt just happen to be in the flyway between Davis Monthan AFB, and the Dry lake in Willcox where they practiced bombing and strafing. So I happen upon strings of .50 ammo pretty regularly. They would jettison whatever they did not shoot on the way back to DM. Largest belt I ever found had about 30 rounds in it. I have also found 2 sets of spurs, and several other pieces of tack. Several old bullets including soem real old 45-70 government with US Calvary etched into the casing with a knife. Dont know if it was authentic but was neat.


  3. If anyone finds a GPS in 37B, let me know. I think that's the Bermuda triangle for me. :(
  4. a little off subject but I just lost my cell phone around the falls camp in unit 23 near workman creek this past weekend. as far as things Ive found lots of skulls ,horseshoes, and some fossillized bone,still looking for the dutchmans gold lol ....
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    1. Digital Pedometer

    2. Spirituality

    3. Humility

    4. Winds are ever-changing.

    I find #3 quite often.
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    :lol2: I like that one Dan. or #3 .
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    - Human remains

    - A really nice set of loppers

    - The electronics from a weather balloon

    - A lost bowhunter
  8. I wasnt actually hunting, but found a dead woman when I was 16. A friend of mine found 4 duffle bags full of weed.
    I also found a matate but I was 3 miles from the truck and wasnt about to carry it back.
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    Just got back from a mtn lion hunt. Didn't see any cats, but I found a real mother-of-pearl button at an old mine and a cool cow skull.

  10. I have found some good stuff over the years.

    1. Arrowheads & metate's/mano's - lots of these. When I am hunting and find chippings or pot shards animals go free for 30 mins while I look around.
    2. 5th wheel hitch
    3. Bogan pistol grip for tripod, cost me $12 to get adapter plate and thread reducer so I could put it to use.
    4. All kinds of crap from illiegals - clothes, sleeping bags, food, water and trash.
    5. Heads, sheds and lots and lots of bones.
    6. Junk bino's - don't know if the guy lost them or chucked them - believe I would have chucked them.

    And the very best find of all was a Winchester Model 92 .25-20 Trappers carbine in an old cabin on the Wind River Indian Reservation back in 67 or 68 with my Dad. I still have it.