Discussion in 'AHT Announcements & Forum Events' started by Desert Rat, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Desert Rat

    Desert Rat Super Mod Mod

    Welcome to our forum. Hopefully you will sign up and become a regular. Newbies and veterans alike are always welcome.

    Look for some exciting new things in the weeks to come!

    `Nuff said :wink:
  2. Hey Marshall,
    Good to see you here, as you can see I finally made it.

  3. Desert Rat

    Desert Rat Super Mod Mod

    I see we've had some new folks stop by... WELCOME to all the new names :D
  4. Desert Rat

    Desert Rat Super Mod Mod

    Just a welcome to all of the recently-joined members. Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. We have a nice little forum going here :welcome:
  5. Desert Rat

    Desert Rat Super Mod Mod

    Numbers growing, slow but sure. Welcome to all of the new folks. Lurking or yakking, I hope you all stick around :lol:
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