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Had my origional hunting partner cut out on me the other day. So I gave Chief a call, and headed out. Now Chief I wont give away to many secrets. But having that little guy hang out 50 yards from your back door for me was real nice. LOL.. And come December I wont let that distance shot go. HE will catch an arrow right quick at the origional distance. I seen a few deer( Notice I dont give numbers) and a few bucks ( same thing) and more then that had some great conversation with Chief and his boss LOL>. :lol:

And while sitting there talking had about 100 quail running through his backyard. And aside from the new houses encroaching upon his hideyhole, Chief has quite the place.

Thanks again Chief for showing me around again, and I will be back come Dec. with the bow in tow, and hopefully one or more of the kiddos also.

I will let you know about my schedule probably on Friday.

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