What are we supposed to think?

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  1. Those of you who stop by often know that I don’t write much about politics. Too inflammatory, too divisive, and really - not the intent of The Desert Rat Blog. Once in awhile though, I need to vent. I am often fascinated by other cultures and religions. It is interesting to hear what others believe, [...]

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    I believe it's none of our darn business, nor is it Amnesty Internationals business. This is a culture that has lived this way since the beginning of time and will continue to live this way until the end of time. They live in a sovereign nation and if the government doesn't care then neither should anybody else. As long as it stays within their borders it's fine with me.

  3. you dont want me to say how i really feel cause then i'll get banned. but after 9/11 many things for eveyone changed this world changed. but everyone should just leave everyone else alone and pull our troops out drop a boom thats just what i think.