What is your gun of choice

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  1. Highbirds their may be some manufacturers who offer reloading machines which,with a change in head and base will allow you to load different gauges but if their are I am not familiar with them.I have always had MEC reloaders,the sizemaster is the model I prefer because it resizes the head or base of the shell.
    My first MEC sizemaster I purchased lasted me 40 yrs without ever changing anything but a few rubber washers and plastice finger guides,a total of probably 10.00.Thats a great track record,I could not hazard a guess as to how many shells it loaded,it was in the 100's of thousands for sure.
    So I would start with a 20 since you seem to use that the most then get a 12 loader down the road.
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  2. MEC reloaders are great value. I have one 20 gauge and one 28 sitting side-by-each on a work table.
    Keep your ears to the wall in case a used one comes along.
    Love mine!

  3. I definitely see a 20 g loader in my future. But given the abundance and variety of affordable 12 g ammo, I probably won't be in any rush to reload them unless I find myself owning a vintage 12 g double.

    I had a 16 g O/U that I sold about a year ago, a nice shooter but I was tired of the limited and expensive ammo choices. I thought about reloading for 16 g but naturally reloading supplies are noticeably higher for 16 g than 12/20.
  4. Better get all the loader stuff now before they take it all away...reloading my be your only way someday! God forbid...
  5. Ramspeed, don't even go there! You go wash your mouth out with soap....or a single malt.
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  6. Hello! I like remington 870
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  8. If it happens there,u can bet it will,have happened in other places first,including here.