What is your gun of choice

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  1. I could only have one shotgun it would be a 12g Remington Versamax Sportsman. It covers quail to geese shooting 2 3/4” light game loads to the heaviest 3 1/2” turkey loads. It is a heavy shogun though.

    When I hunt the Salton Sea I use an older Remington 870.

    When chasing dove and quail I like a Benelli M2 20g.
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  2. I've got a few scatterguns at home since all I used to do was hunt and shoot them all the time, but if I had to choose 1, I think I'd reach past my A5 to grab the supernova. I've hunted everything from snipe to chukar to geese with it, I've used it to break ice and had to paddle a boat with it once, it's been from the deserts of Arizona to the freezing bays of the North Atlantic and the Great Lakes and it's never failed to to it's job. Sure it's heavy and takes some getting used to with the weird shaped forend, but dang if it won't go bang Every. Single. Time.
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  3. I would keep my Benelli Ethos in 12 gauge. It works for all the hunting I do, is light in the field with very little recoil. Also have a SBE 2, Beretta O/U and a Mossberg pump.
  4. I’ll stick with my slingshot..guns are dangerous
  5. spit ball shooter.....
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  6. What in the hell do you hunt in the Salton Sea???? Sea monkies??? It use to be a nice destination my family and I would frequent. Last I heard it was pretty much a waste dump. But if you're saying there's some good hunting to be had maybe I need to rethink this
  7. I hunted there when there were redhead, canvasbacks, spoonies, pintails, mallards, canadians, snows, teal, etc, etc.

    Now for the most part it is just teal with #7 steel shot, or doves around the edges.

    There is also a private club that has fresh water where you can get cinnamons, mallards and the occasional pintail.

    The place is so salty and nasty, you take some paper towels and a can of WD40 and spray in on and around the whole gun. You come back from the morning shoot you spray and wipe the already turning red excess off, repeat for the evening shoot and clean the hell out of it before casing it to take it home for another cleaning!

    I am not really exaggerating either. The 870s have proven to be the best option out in that salt muck.
  8. Theyre now spending money in Algae research that filters the water from the Salten Sea to the Refuge in hopes to clean that whole area up... filtered enough to drink it.. Won’t make a difference though if these droughts don’t let up.. Salten Sea was a fun hunt at one time, the Pacific Flyway just isn’t what it used to be
  9. I can see it now, uh-oh we need something that can kill the Algae! Some thing they did up in WA. State with the milfoil..sorry to thread jump but there research isn’t always a great idea. IMO
  10. It's gotten bad to worse. I hear even air quality is extremely bad because it as well? Or is that California standard warning lol. It's a tragedy, was a really nice fishing spot
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