What kind of bow do you shoot?

Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by Desert_Ram, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Ok lets see what kind of bows people shot so i am going to start it off.

    i shoot an alpine mirco youth bow set at 43 pounds left handed. with a little goose release.
  2. Bowtech Allegiance that I won, set at 64 lbs, Cavalier dropaway rest, Viper fiber optic sights and a scott lil goose.
    Right now, shooting Easton FMJ with Rocket 75 grain Mini Blasters.

  3. oh yeah

    i remember that bow you won :D hows it working for you lol wish we could raffle off another one. but you cant win that one J/K
  4. 2 Hoyts,

    1 Martin

    1 Browning

    1 Bowtec

    3 small red stick bows for the kids.

    Thats the family collection of arrow launching equipment.
  5. Ok, am I sposed to include all I own..........ok, the Bowtech,
    PSE XLR900, been retired after killing a bunch of critters.
    Damon Howatt 55 lb. recurve
    Custom built 67 lb. longbow
    And a brand new, nevr been shot PSE Firestorm X, IBO spedd 340 fps.........trying to decide to shoot it or sell it.
  6. sell it

    ok i'm going to say sell it you have a great bowtech bow there :D lol
  7. Had a nice Cedar/Oak longbow that blew up in my face - WOW... :shock: ...left holding riser and string with limbs hanging on the ground.
    A 60# PSE takedown, the model before they came out with the Kudu, fancy riser and nice shooter.
    a 60# High Country Machine Supreme - gift from a friend, 29" draw and I have 30+ draw, broke 4 sets of limbs in a year and got to hunt a total of 3 days with it, but shot a few thousand arrows in the backyard. Just my luck they broke on or just before a hunt. Just didn't figure I could pull a bow apart once I hit the wall, learned different.
    A 70# 30" draw Reflex Grizzly, a birthday gift from the same friend. Have taken my first deer & first javelina with it. Both about 40 yd shots. Love this bow with a Trapdoor rest and MBG Dusk Devil II 4 pin sight.
    On order a 70# 30" draw Hoyt Vectrix. Haven't decided what drop-away rest to add but will have the MBG 5 Pin micro-dot sight.

    Also was given a Hoyt Magnatech with built in overdraw last night from a fellow HE Instructor, adjustable from 27" to 31" draw. I thought of setting it up and giving it to bro-in-law since I gave his wife a bow a couple years back, but have to see if he is even interested. The Magnatech and High Country are basically trading stock or gifts for people wanting to get into archery and have pockets like mine - empty, especially since ordering my new bow.
  8. Hoyt Protec, xt3000 limbs. Shakey hunter drop away 68 lbs about 260 fps. Beman ics 300 hunter arrows with 125 gr magnus snuffer ss broadheads I am really considering the new Vectrix though. I am thinking if you guys have 3-4 or more bows I should be able to have another right? Thats my story and I am sticking to it.

  9. I shot several before I got hurt in 1996 and had to quit. I recently found I could draw a bow again and bought a Martin Jaguar in december. Set at 55 pounds I had to use my chin to get it to full draw at first, but now can easily draw it since everything has stretched out. I use a Cobra release and a string loop since my fingers are suspect ( eight years ago I tried to shoot again but couldn't feel the string and released an arrow when practice drawing in the living room, shooting a hole in the picture window. Explain that to the wife! ). It has a whisker biscuit rest and fiberoptic sight. I shot it with no string loop and wore out the serving so I put the loop on it and it shoots better now. I'm useing the heaviest carbon arrow I could find. At my indoor range here in Mesa, Az. ( read Apartment ) I can keep them on a one inch piece of paper stuck to the target. The deer and elk are in trouble again! By this fall I'll be a resident and believe I can buy an over the counter archery tag for deer and plan on killing a mulie in the desert. I'll go to Utah and Colorado too. It's good to be back. God bless and good hunting.
  10. Martin Jaguar set at 64 lbs. Winners choice strings, truglo 5 pin site, trophy taker shakey hunter drop away, easton st's, green mamba release.