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Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Desert Rat, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Photoshop or not? I saw this posted over on Coueswhitetail.com


    Coosefan said he received this pic in an e-mail:

  2. If it ends up in the books then no it wasent shopped. If not then I bet it was. Something like that these days will end up in a book somewhere if its legit.


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    The first impression I got was a red stag with the crown points. I haven't seen too many North American elk with those.
  4. This is a high fence hand fed bull. Can't be put in the books. Apparently they are like pets. Walk right up to em. I read the article from P&Y and SCI
  5. Yeah - I think Saskatchewan or something? That's a shame...