What scope for my 22 rifle?

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  1. I put a Nikon Rimfire 2-7x on my .17HMR. The same scope will work very will on your .22. It's not expensive, just quality.
  2. STS


    I've done that before but not since lasers became cheap. I picked up a laser bore-sight that has adapters for every caliber I use and it was only $10 on Amazon, 6 years ago I think. I figured I would use it a few times and it would die but this thing just won't. I haven't even changed the battery in it and it's been used a lot. It's still a good trick to know though if you're out and need to quick sight your scope and don't have anything to do it with.
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  3. I figured most might of known this already
  4. I think you're right. Most people probably know this, it's really nothing more than a field expedient laser sighting. It will get you in the ballpark, i.e. on paper. From there it takes some range time to dial it in. The trick is having a stable platform in which to stabilize your rifle while you do this. Pre-laser sighting, I did this all the time.
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  5. I do laser sighting at times, set laser dot on target and move crosshairs to that spot.. Got to have a very stable platform to do this, otherwise its a waste of time.
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  6. The marlin 60 is one of the best 22s made. Longer heavier barrel than most makes for higher velocity and longer range. You’ll be glad you put a 3x9 on it. The Simmons aren’t expensive and often on sale.
  7. I rock a Burris Fullfield E1 2-7 on my Marlin 25n bolt gun. Good glass and the ballistic plex reticle works good for the slow moving 60grain Aguila's.
    25N 60sss reticle400x380.png
  8. Hello! Maybe you need one of the atn scopes. I was picked up atn x-sight II hd 3-14x a two years ago and very pleased. Good luck!
  9. Bushnell AR/22 series, great scope. Shop around you can find them for around $100
  10. I put a Bushnell AR on my AR and love it.

    Someone tell me how to make the laser sighting to work. I have one and every time I have used it I get to the range and am off a mile. I pick a spot at 25 years and bring the scope to the laser dot.