whats te best call for coyotes

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  1. hey,

    whats the best call to use for coyote hunting? am looking to go out and try to bag my 1st dog and need some help on what kind of call to use i am going o use my rem .222 on them not my bow. this time. any help would be great

  2. Depends on what type of call you want. Mouth or electronic;
    Mouth is good and you can change tones, volume, and urgency. But, it is bad if you are alone. Too much movement, then having to get the gun up and get a shot before the mutts run fer cover.
    Electronic make it much easier for a person hunting alone, and work well with a decoy. Not only that, but you have much more selection of calls. One I have found that works well, is the yellow hammerhead woodpecker.

  3. thanks

    wow thanks no on the mouth calls could never use them for turkey so thats out. and i dont want to hunt them alone thats for sure hope to have someone with me incase a cat comes in. i'll have to go and see my friend at the gun shop about that call hope he has one i can get thanks for the info.
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    Moved your question down here to Predators and Furbearers, you may get more of a response down here.

    This time of the year I would be using a "Interrogation howl", "Male Challenge", or a "Female Invitation" howl. They got loving on their mind this time of the year and any of the above three howls should bring a love sick coyote into gun range. However they still got to eat and the ole standby jack or cottontail in distress will work also, if'n your calling in a heavily called area the yellow hammerhead woodpecker would also be my choice.
  5. really

    really i have never heard of that call before. um sounds cool so i need to go to the gun shop darn just hate to go there :D thanks for the info i have never hunted them before so i dont know what to do or i should say one thing i do know dont go alone no way!!! but i do want to shot my 1st dog its killin me to have never shot one before :( so i hope to get one and post some photos on here!!! :D