whats you all puttin in for ????

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  1. ok now that the fall regs are out i would like to know what you are going to put in for?? i think we are going to do over the counter archery deer and turkey i hope so thats what i want to do at least. if not then it will be 16A deer again lol and 8 turkey lol got to love that unit i do. i still think we need to have an AZ huntin camp out. would be fun.
    and yes i am a redneck woman :)

  2. My girlfriend will put in for 6a deer. I'll put in for a bonus point for deer and hunt OTC deer with the bow. Ram, I don't know how you feel about unit 6a, but I've seen turkeys there. We primitive camp and they woke us up last week gobbling.
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    Since I already have an OTC archery deer tag, I will probably only apply for the late muzzy deer hunt in the deserts. Fat chance I'll draw, but hey, I'm gonna try.

    Haven't checked the 2007 Fall Reg's, but last year, there were only 50 tags.
  4. M gardner never have hunter in 6a might be a thought though thanks for the info on it :)
    Dan your funny you never know till you try right? :nyah:
  5. I will be putting in for 23 DEC. WT hunt 1st choice and for 2ed choice well be muzzy deer DEC hunt. The drawing odds for these hunts are less then 10% so I will be most likely hunting deer with bow in hand (the way I like it)OTC tag in Unit 23 come this DEC.
  6. Otc

    I think the OTC are great i have my MT Lion tag on me 100% of the time never know when your going to see one. lol
  7. I am just building bogus points, but;

    13B deer.......have 7 points now.
    37A and 9/10 for bighorn....have 10 points.
    I think I may go to Kaibab this year.
  8. Deer unit10??? Turkey unit 27??? Javi unit 37B... ARchery Deer Kaibab??