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Discussion in 'Predators & Furbearers' started by Chief, Sep 4, 2006.

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    I normally stop shooting coyotes around 1 Feb and don't start up again until around 1 Sep. Gives them a chance to mate, give birth and raise a litter without to much harrasment, at least from me. There are some exceptions to the rule, if one of the local ranchers is having a coyote problem I'll go out and try to kill a coyote or two for him. This year we had one coming through the backyard on a fairly regular basis but caused us no concern as our Dobbie takes care of all trespassers. Our neighbor raises chickens and when a few of them went missing we kinda figured out who was responsible, a few days later Mr. Coyote came wandering through the backyard with Mrs. Hen firmly planted between his uppers and lowers. He died.

    Have no problem with people who hunt them all year it's just something I don't do, as it provides for more targets in the fall.
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    I thought I would have gotten out this summer and call some in, but didn't make it and it was too darn hot for me. On Friday the Dove openner, I had a Coyote come troting at me about 15 yrd in front of me. The other Dove hunters in the area had scared him up. I had bird shot in my gun so couldn't take the shot. Funny thing about it was that I did have some #2 shot with me. I had no time to reload. As he saw me and we locked eyes he was gone in a second. I am waiting for the cooler weather myself and looking forward to call them in.

  3. Hey Chief,

    If you can withstand the heat and bugs, now is a great time to call. The biggest problem predator hunters face is educated dogs. This time of year, the new pups are just starting to hunt on their own and they have never heard the calls yet. I don't typically call this early because I don't like to battle the heat and bugs. It can be very productive though.

    Just remember to take your camera! I don't like stories without pics! :p
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    I'm with Chief. Me, I usually wait until mid-September, right after the dove season ends.
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    Sure is a true statement, but who enjoys hunting a dumb coyote? The joy is in hunting an educated animal knowing that if'n you call and kill one you have accomplished something. I worked as an ADC officer for 2 years for the feds, worst job I ever had, we found that July was really a good time of the year for just "plain killing" no skill involved other than being able to hit your target.
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    Chief, I would agree with you. There's something special about calling in an educated animal. By the way. I hope all is well with you.
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    Hey Cochise, Glad to see you made it over here. Wecome.

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    :welcome: Cochise :welcome: Glad you finally found your way over here, thought I was going to have to send you a GPS or at least a compass. Good bunch of people here, except for the moderator's but you can ignore them.

    All is well and I'm back to 100 percent, except when the wife has a list of honey do's :wink: thanks for asking.

    Shane made it over this morning for some archery deer on the mountain side, but I'll let him tell that story.

    Again welcome aboard and VISIT OFTEN.
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    I didn't have much of a choice. You all seem to all but disappear from the other sight. And I really do enjoy you guys. I'm glad to be here. All in all. This seems to be a pretty good sight. Just for us Arizona Folk. It's starting to get a nip in the air in the mornings, and I have not had any luck going out so far. It seems that all I do anymore is work. I'm suppose to be able to have some time after this weekend. I can't wait til the day I can take full advantage of all those coyotes. Work can call me all they want. I'm just not going to go. I really could use some time in the brush, and I'm going to do just that. I got me one of those sqeakers. I need to put it to the test. Good luck to ya, and I look forward to do some hunting with you.