Where are the Quail???

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  1. Hey Guys..
    Anyone been chasing any quail in unit 37B??? I am thinking about taking the boys down there this Saturday. I haven't been there yet this year. I am thinking about hunting the southern part of the unit I usually hunt aroung the 96 Ranch area.
    Any pointers??
    All are welcome to come with as well...
  2. TallPaul

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    I was down off of Freeman Rd. a few weeks back and there was some Quail. Just small covey, but better than Nothing. I have my Javelina hunt in that Unit and will be heading there on Sundays ( I hope) for some scouting.

  3. I decided to head out to Queen Valley in the morning. I haven't hunted that area in a few years so we are gonna give it a try. Anyone interested in coming along?? we will be heading out around 0630..