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Where the Jacks at?

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Hey everyone, I'm new to this site.

I moved back to Tucson from Minnesota a few weeks ago, and have been out hunting 3 or 4 times a week since. I mostly head out to the Redington Pass area, and have had some success. 2 nice Cottontails, 1 squirrel, 1 Western Diamondback, got less than 10 ft from a Ring-Tailed Cat, and have been stalked by a pretty decent sized lion. I usually go out about 45 minutes before sunset. Haven't tried the morning hours yet.

A good amount of my trips out there I haven't seen anything, been looking around some new areas and have found some pretty massive piles of rabbit dumpings, so I know they are around...

Open to some new areas though, if anyone has any good ideas?

I've never shot / eaten a Jack before, and I'd love to try. I've had PLENTY of Minnesota Cottontails and Snowshoe Hares, but no Jacks.

Considering their size, I'm more than stoked to find a couple of them.

Also, if anybody here is looking for a hunting buddy, none of my friends here hunt, and it would be nice to go out with company, maybe someone who knows the area better.

I carry a 12 gauge and a deadly accurate .22. After my lion experience, I carry both. When the sun starts going down and I can't effectively use the scope on my .22 anymore, I switch to the 12. I've so far shot all of my Arizona game animals with my 12 gauge, and recently bought the .22 for a little more fun/challenge, but haven't yet spotted a hopper while it was in my hands. I've got the .22 zeroed in to do dime sized groups at 50 yards, so I'm MORE than excited to lay out a Jack 75 or 100 yards away.

Okay, that's enough of an intro / ramble.

If anybody knows of awesome areas to hunt around Tucson, or wants to go out, let me know!

I'd also like to go out for lions, coyotes, bobcats, birds, squirrels, snakes, etc. I'm pretty much into hunting ANYTHING. I have a bow also for archery only hunts.

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I've seen some Antelope jacks on the SRER south of town. I have also seen a few off of the Willow Springs road North of town. I think Redington pass area gets a lot of pressure. I hope this helps.
first off welcome
come check us out at southern arizona wildlife callers we are located in tucson and their is a ton of knowledge in the group contact jim littlejohn
Thanks for the information guys!

Make that +1 more cottontail, I got a nice one tonight out in Redington, could have had another diamondback, but it was a little small, maybe 2.5 ft, so I didn't bother it.

Maybe I'll check out some of those other recommended spots for some Jacks. :)
on the North side of Mountain Lemmon on Highway 79 mile marker 119 (96 Ranch Road) TONS of Jacks. I go every chance I get one day I got 18.
going this weekend contact me at [email protected] and I can show you around out there this weekend.
I finally saw my first Jack the other day. Tried out a new spot that I had a hunch was occupied with Jacks, after a few hours of stomping around I saw one...

I didn't even realize what it was at first, because it was SO big and running SO fast. I thought it was a small mutant deer or a kangaroo at first.. Then.. I realized it was a Jackrabbit! This beast had to have been 10 - 15lbs. I had my scoped .22, and the little monster was hauling so fast there was no chance I could get a shot. Exciting, either way!

Went back to the same area today, saw 2 Jacks take off at the same time, same story. Waaaay to fast, they vanished into an area of tall grass / trees before I could even shoulder my rifle.

I refuse to give up until I have some Jack burritos on my plate!!!!

On another note, I've gotten several more Cottontails and another Diamondback in
the past week or so. The tails sure are easier to find and blast than the Jacks I've seen!
Get yourself a Jackrabbit distress call. when you see them, start calling. Ive had them turn and come running in all puffed up and ready to fight. pretty easy to shoot when they are standing 10 yards away and as tall and proud as they can.
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never tried that DG! bet that looks funny as heck! never seen one puffed up. hilarious! i keep thinking Jackalope ready for MMA!
I've been out for Jacks a few more times.. I've seen tons of them, HUGE ones..

Still haven't been able to bag one! I managed to get off a still shot at one that was about 90 hards, almost certain I hit it, but it hopped away never to be seen again...

I'm getting mad! I could have driven to Denver on the miles I've driven to my "spot" and back to blast some Antelope Jacks.

One day... :'(
I've been bagging Doves and Cottontails like a madman though, so at least I'm not starving. :)
Try south of town, the Chavez-Siding exit off the 19 has a real nice crop of Jacks.

Also would see a lot of jacks north of town, on the Willow Springs road off HWY 77 and on the dirt roads off of Hwy 79. The whole desert down there really is good jackrabbit country.
Try south of town, the Chavez-Siding exit off the 19 has a real nice crop of Jacks.

Also would see a lot of jacks north of town, on the Willow Springs road off HWY 77 and on the dirt roads off of Hwy 79. The whole desert down there really is good jackrabbit country.
Thanks for the tips, I'll have to check those places out. I have a place I found that has TONS of Antelope and black tails, and haven't been able to shoot one... Until today.

I was dove hunting with my 12 gauge, was blasting rounds left and right for about 15 minutes, looked to my left, and there was a little Jack sitting on the ground like 50 ft away just looking at me. Needless to say, I got him.

And.. Pan fried Jack backstraps with steak seasoning are excellent. :)

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Congrats on getting the Jack. I go South of Tucson. Try to find spots with alot of cactus. Got a few weeks off coming up for the holidays and plan on doing a little hunting. message me if you want to head out somewhere. Only got a few hunting buddies but they always seem to be working.
Would you look at this beast... A friend and I were out shooting at targets, and decided to go look for some Jacks... This guy hopped out in front of me about 25 meters, and fell victim to the .223 while running. Still made it a good 75 yards before it fell! The Jacks around here take a round like a Whitetail. I've hit several of them now with my .22LR and they just run away. Was thinking about getting a .17 HMR or a Savage Model 25 in .17 Hornet, but seeing as how the .223 didn't really do TOO much damage and I was still able to use all of the good stuff as table fare, maybe I'll just stick to shooting them with the .223. This is the exit wound side of the Jack.
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Nice....Good looking guns and Rabbit. Dang still went a ways after a .223 hit....thats crazy.
nice shot, that's a big bunny. watch that tac light when hunting or the Warden might say you got him before legal shooting hours by spotlighting.
I decided to head down south a little ways yesterday, found a spot that looked promising. Right away I saw a nice Jack, but it took off before I had a chance to shoulder my Savage Mark II. I didn't see anything else for about 45 minutes, and then Cottontails started popping up on the hillsides next to me, but running and hiding, running and hiding, not letting me get a shot. This happened about three times, one of them literally ran a circle around me. Out of anger, I went back to my car and grabbed my shotgun. Tooled around with that for about 15 minutes, and saw a Cottontail sitting on a hillside about 75 yards away. Set down my shotgun, pulled the .22 off my back, aimed about at the top of the shoulder (zeroed @ 50) and gave the Accutrigger a little tug. The CCI Mini-Mag dropped about 2 inches and poked it right in the sweet spot. I was actually pretty surprised with the Mini-Mag's exit wound, it blew the front leg in half and left a pretty large, maybe half dollar sized hole. Observing the exit wound beneath the skin, even at 75 yards or so, it kinda made me wonder how so many Jackrabbits just run away after I make what I think are clean shots on them..

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Tonight I went out to the same spot in an attempt to seek vengeance against all the Cottontails that eluded me so annoyingly last night. I saw one to begin with, in a brushy kind of wooded area, so I switched to my 12 gauge and tried to stalk it. I saw it again, only for a brief second and then never saw it again. I proceeded to head up a hill, and I saw another one take off full speed about 20 yards in front of me. Popped off a 7 1/2 steel shell a little ways in front of it, dropped it in its tracks.

I've heard a lot of people say they don't like cylinder bore for hunting, but, from my experiences of shooting probably 50 Cottontails with mine, it's pretty much perfect. Good shots are probably limited to about 25, maybe 30 yards I'd say, but Cottontails are usually well within that range when you jump them anyway. Sometimes you gotta let them run a little ways so they aren't "too close." I hate wasting good meat!

I've hunted Cottontails with .22LRs, .177 air rifles, and shotguns, and I'm honestly not sure what I prefer. They all have their place.

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i usually use 71/2 for opportunistic shots while bird hunting, but if specifically for rabbits with the SG i use #4's. that is usually in in IC Beretta or my dog gun with a DC choke that patterns at 60 yards with #4 BUCK or DC loads. that extra full dog choke you gotta let them run a long ways before they won't just disintegrate!
congrats on your bunnies, always good in the pot!

when i shoot with a .22 i always have my Primos Trigger sticks with me, they are the standing version so i can use them on sitting dog stands but also when walking and stalking the citrus grove 'lanes' in between them. boocoo long ears out there, but you have to be stead as all get out to get that little pill to them, hence the sticks. i usually come out with 3-4 when i go. steady makes you aim small shoot small
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