Who drew coues deer tags??

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Photoshot, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. I drew the December unit 21 tag!

    Anyone else really love hunting coues deer? I gave those mule deer a shot, but I just don't get as excited hunting them as I do with coues deer. This will be my very first December tag, so I am pretty pumped up about it. I know the unit is in pretty bad shape with all the recent fires, so I will have my work cut out for me.

    Let me know if you drew a tag!
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    This guys lives in 35a, which I drew a Nov tag for. Actually he is about 65 yards from my back patio.

  3. SWEET!

    That will get your blood pumping. I can't wait. It's a long time between now and December.
  4. I drew 34A Oct 27 - Nov 1. I'll need all the advice I can get!
  5. I know nothing about that unit, or I would help. Best advice I can give is to glass, glass and then when you are done, glass some more. I own a pair of Zeiss 7x42's and I think I may even rent the Swaro 15's for my hunt. I have used them on several different coues hunts in 35B and they are so awesome for finding these little deer. Good luck to all.
  6. The rains will help 21 some. The deer will like to graze where the new green stuff pops up, so all is not lost.
  7. Sorry I stink at doing the picture thing. I got this one in 21 last december it took alot of glassing with my 15x56 swaro's
  8. Nice buck Josh. Looks like all the time behind the glass paid off for you. Looks like an old buck too!
  9. Hi All, we got 3 tags for 35B early hunt, first time in this unit, 2nd time WT'ing. A buddy filled a couple tags last year in this unit so he told me to go for it. I had a blast year in 33 off of Redington RD area. The glassing part was more fun than the hunt for me! I've since spent some coin on good optics so there better not be any excuses on my part finding something for my friends.
    Any thoughts in this area would be awesome! I'll let you know how we all make out with pics too!
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