Who put in for Turkey this year?

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by Coues84, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Who all put in for turkey this year?

    I got 3 applications in for this coming spring. 2 junior hunts and mine. Going to be quite the field day if we draw any at all. Got the 12 yr old and the 9 y/o wanting to go. And of course the oldest wants to go it with her bow.

    If my oldest keeps this archery thing up I will be completely grey by the time I reach 40. LOL.. At least the #2 daughter dosent mind a scattergun.

  2. I put in for shotgun turkey and archery javelina. One of my turkey choices was for 12A. That sure will be a long drive for a darned bird if I'm drawn there, but what the heck? My wife came right out and asked if I was losing my mind. I pleaded the 5th! :shock:

  3. I put in first choice for the goulds, and everything else is way up north. So no pitty from me on the drive. LOL.. I'm 4 hours south of you. And like you dont mind the drive at all if I have a tag in my pocket. LOL..

    P.S. My wife already knows I'm a little off. She drew a turkey tag last year. LOL

  4. Shane and I are the only people to put in for spring turkey?

    Well, if that's true, looks like we'll have pretty good draw odds!
  5. Chief

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    Never have put in for turkey. Once went on a deer hunt in W. VA and you received, at that time, a deer tag and two turkey tags when you bought your general hunting license. I killed a deer and a turkey, but the turkey was by pure chance. I fell asleep under a tree and when I awoke there he was about 20 yards away :shock: , must of been suicidal.
  6. Why is that Chief? I'm curious (and this is coming from a guy who put in for his first time). Cost/benifit thing? Not good table fare?
  7. Chief

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    I don't know is the simple answer. Can't be a cost vs benefit thing, as I go dove hunting and we all know about the cost vs benefits when dove hunting. Never had cost stop me before - when it comes to hunting that is. Several of my friends go and they have invited me to with them and even my wife has asked the same question. I am a member of the NWTF and have participated in the Gould capture Program here in the Huachuca's. I was also involved in the initial transplant of birds from Mexico. So why don't I hunt them - I don't know. Doesn't make sense does it :?:

    :idea: Maybe I'll put in for this coming spring hunt. Anybody put in for 27?
  8. TallPaul

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    I'm in, I'm in ... Turkey and Javelina Just have to get Drawn...... :lol:

    The Big question is WHERE did you put in?????
  9. Definately units 27 and 1, and 3a, and 4a. Along with the first choice of the Goulds. However Been putting in for about 9 years now and have never drawn a turkey tag in AZ.

    Last year my wife decided that she wanted to apply after I had already sent my app in so I put her in on a seperate app, and she drew her first choice. Go figure.

    With any luck the kids will have the same luck this year.

  10. TallPaul

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    Shane, I just started to put in for Turkey a year ago. 9 YEARS???? OH NO..
    Did your wife Tag out?