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Who shoes would you like to fill?

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First off, nothing wrong with who we are...I aint trying to say otherwise.
I'm curious though, about those of us who have dreamed of times gone by throughout the history of America, who's shoes would you have liked to have been in? Take yourself back 300 or more years and don't consider riches (as in $$).
As a side bet, what do you do to keep the outdoorsy dream alive to you and yours?

A foot soldier in the Spanish army exporing the great unknown continent?
G. Washington?
Benidict Arnold (that's for you liberals out there :D just kidding of course :) )
Daniel Boone?
Davy Crocket?
Jeb Smith?
Kit Carson?
Wyatt Earp?
Tell Sackett?
Army scout?
Sod buster?
Cattle Rancher?
Buffalo hunter?
Doesn't have to be any of these, I'm just throwing ideas out.
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Well, I'm going to go way back into time and another continent but I'd like to be one of the apostles, with the exception of Judas of course. I think that would be way too cool.
Creed, good idea.............that would have been an experience to have broken bread with Jesus and prayed with him. But, do you think they knew how much of an impact all of that would make on lives forever?
John Slaughter. "That wicked little ******. " by Ben T. Traywick Published by Red Marie's Bookstore P.O. Box 891 Tombstone, AZ

Quote: "A man aptly named Slaughter, brought law and order to Cochise county with the law in one hand and a pearl handled .44 in the other.

It will be informative to compare John Slaughter's brand of law enforcement with that we have today. John would be totally disgusted at our efforts as are all of us who have not buried our heads in the sand. There is no doubt whatever that the liberal politicians and judges have made it absolutely impossible for anyone to enforce the law. They have also made it illegal for anyone to defend themselves or their property.

Slaughter had little time for politicians, judges or juries. When they became too lenient on known criminals, he simply acted independly of them." end quote.
I agree with Creed's choice, but since he's already picked it, here's mine.

I think it would have been cool to have been either Lewis or Clark (albeit my last name is already Clark).

To have seen the West in all it's virgin glory, brimming with wild-life and unbridled nature, is almost incomprehensible to me. Plus, there were no bag limits on deer, elk or antelope. :roll:

Lewis or Clark, that's who's shoes (moccasins) I would like to have filled.
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I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Geronimo. He fought hard to keep his home land, and his and his peoples way of life. Against great odds. Him and his small band of warriors gave it hell for a good while. they were shipped off to Florida of all places. Never being able to return. I don't think that I could fill his shoes, but I do have a picture of him hanging on my wall right next to my gun cabinet. It's the only picture that holds that honor. Things sure have not changed much down here in Cochise County. The U.S. government still won't let you protect what's yours, and doesn't seem to care what you believe in.
I thought maybe a foot soldier in the Spanish army, then thought holy smokes that would make me an illegal.

I would have probably been an Army Scout.
Since no one else will jump on it I have to pick Tell Sackett - he had some adventures........and many of them here in Az.
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