Who the heck are you??

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  1. Just figured this could be a place to introduce ourselves, since we may not all know each other.

    I am Garth, 48 years old, and live in Flagstaff. I am self employed and also a hunting guide. I have been hunting since about 8 years old when I would get my bb gun out for lizards and sparrows.
    I started shooting a bow at about the 11 years old and have never looked back. I enjoy this type of hunting and have been quite successful at it.
    I also have been on the Az Bowhunters Association Board of Directors for about 9 years. In fact the Bowhunter Happening is July 21-23 in Williams. if you are interested in new equipment or just wanna shoot, come on up. there is plenty to do for all members of your family.
    If anyone wants to take a look, I have a website at www.thegoodoguides.com
    good luck in the draw!!
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    I am Here

    Hi all, I am TallPaul. I live in Higley AZ. I have a wife of 16 yr. and a son 15 yr. By trade I am a Machinist. By weekend I like to Hunt and Fish. I love the outdoors. Love the Desert, the High Country is great also, but don't get up there to much. I am into Bird hunting and starting to get into Predator hunting, well I like all hunting if I get drawn. :lol: I am 47 yrs . but some days feel 20yr others 80yrs. :lol: I like these hunting forums because the info I can get off of them. Some good- some bad. I know some sites are not that friendly. I talked about this before with Marshall and he agrees. So we want this place to friendly and to offer something different than other sites. Anyway that's alittle about me. Welcome all.
    PS. You can call me TallPaul, TP, and or Paul. ( please, any others keep to yourself :mrgreen: )
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  3. Hello everyone!
    My name is Ron and I along with my wife and 14 year old son live in the Queen Creek area.
    We came to AZ back in 1995 from Kanas where I ended up shortly after getting honorably discharged from the US Army (8.5 years). I now work for a satellite communications company. I'm beginning to love Arizona sinceI've started hunting and fishing again. I didn't do too much at all in the first 6 years or so. Aside from that haitus, I've hunted and fished all my life while growing up in North Central Washington state.
    Great site and I hope to meet some of you soon!
  4. I'm Weasel. I live in Utah near the AZ state line with my wife. The kids are grown and on their own. I have four Grandchildren and one Great-Grandchild. I'm retired. I like to hunt all types of game and predators. I like to fish too. It looks like y'all got a great start on the board here.