Wild Turkey

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  1. ok this is how i cook my wild turkey when i get a tag LMAO :lol:

    most of the time you dont have any skin left on the turkey so you need to cut slits in the meat and stuff real butter in them yep works geat. then rub butter all over the turkey and add pepper chili powder. NO SALT!!! place turkey in pan cover with foil and then place pan in brown in bag then place in oven at 350 for 21/2 hours then take out the turkey remove the bag and foil and bast every 40 mins till a little golden brown i have never over cooked a wild turkey yet enjoy
  2. Another is to filet the breasts, marinate, add some butter and wrap in tin foil and grill with a lower heat. Pretty tasty.

    I have a great recipe for chicken & apple sausage that I have used turkey in. It is my wife's favorite sausage I make.

  3. oooh

    you need to post it then it sounds good
  4. Check out the 'Sausage Recipes' thread in this forum.