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  1. well i just saw on the news that there is a wildfire in payson that sucks they said it was about 10 ac, and high winds tomorrow so you know it will grow. thats not good for the animals and the turkey hunt going on. guess the wildfire season is here. lets hope they dont close the woods down on us :(
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    Hey Desert Ram, This was the post I was looking for to talk about the Payson Wildfire.... I thought I saw this before.
    I just don't have much time... and YES I did a search...:)

  3. Actually the one by Christopher Creek is over 1000 acres. It is called the Promentory Fire.
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    I just checked the Weather forecast for Payson and Heber. The forecast in both these locations calls for isolated and scattered T-storms, highs between 75-85 degrees, chance of precip's at 30% and winds from the south/southwest between 12-13 mph. That's a perfect recipe to send the fire racing across the Rim and northeastward into the public used forests.

    A fluke rainstorm would sure help, but with a 30% chance of rain and predicted thunderstorms looming, that could mean lightning-caused fires could erupt. Bummer.
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    Thanks , AzSlim. I just didn't know what it was called and couldn't spell Promentory. :)

    Thanks Dan I try to sneak on at work to your updates.