wildlife day photos

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  1. well our wildlife day went great we had 65 people that come into petco today and thats not bad for something that was put together as fast as this was lol so here are some pixs hope you enjoy them.

  2. Which one are you?

    Since I just appointed you "Forum Poster-Girl" it would help to know.... :wink:

  3. lol

    ok i'm the one in the white tee shirt and cap lol i had just got off work at 2pm and wasnt going to keep my work shirt on for this lol had to change .
    thank you
  4. AZ~ThunderDan

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    Rat, I'll point out that Don Martin is the guy in the bottom photo, standing behind the desk and the yellow balloon. In case you didn't know?

    Marsha, who is the G&F officer, he looks familiar but I can't place his name.

    Looks like a fun-filled day at the Kingman PetCo.
  5. Dan

    Hey Dan
    The G & F guys name is Zen he is the guy who goes to the schools and talks about wildlife i cant think of his title right now. he is not an officer it was tons of fun can't wait till next years wildlife day lol we had Don's fox pro call going it was funny when customers dogs were like what the heck is that!! lmao one customer even had there cat there that went nuts on a call.
  6. Dan - Yeah, I've met Don before and recognized him...

    Looks like fun..