Wildlife Fair Photos from bullhead

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  1. Here are a few photos that i took from bullhead city at the AZ G&F wildlife fair we had 500-600 people it was lots of fun even though i wasnt feelin good lol. we did have one lady that got a little upset about all the animal hides on the tables the hides belong on the animals she said so myself and another gal kept an eye on her and she left guess she didnt like us watching her lol. anyway enjoy the pixs.


  2. thanks

    thanks garth i try to do what i can for the community
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    I remember that lady walking around taking pictures. She left at about the same time my daughter and I did. She got into a little red Nissan truck. She had some type of dot.com, hand written poster on her truck. I actually did point out to my daughter that she was probably some type of do-gooder because of the way she was photographing the pelts.

    It was nice to meet you and your husband, Marsha. You had a nice layout. Keep up the good work.

    Doug Gordon
  4. yeah

    yeah well she was being watched the whole time be me and another gal we were ready to poune on her and get her out if we had to can you tell we were ready to fight? lol yeah she was up to no good but you always get one of those at these bigger events we are alawys ready to act though. it wa really nice to meet you and your family also Doug glad you made it. thank you we had a good time doing this event always do. :D
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    Nice pictures and Thank You for your volunteer work. Is this held about the same time each year? If so may plan a trip to Laughlin and stop by and say hello to ya'll.
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    yes it is but they move it evey year next year it will be in prescott the year after back in kingman. they like to keep it on the move lol but we wont go to prescott a little to far for us. lol