Williams area.

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    Get outta my spot Gai! LOL

    I was heading up the I-40 near Williams on my way to the dump at noon on Saturday and saw a couple cows grazing right along the side of the highway.
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  2. Anyone else make a rifle firing sound when they see these photos or am i the only oddball?
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  3. Ranger, we saw 5 turkey, 2 nice deer and 5 elk. Since I didn't get any tag this year. I'm starting to learn / explorer unit 8.

    My house is on the south end of the unit. I probably need to pick your brain a little.


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  4. My phone make rifle firing sound when I take the pictures.:)


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  5. Good luck.seeing that on opening morning with a tag in your pocket. Haha
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  6. Nice Green. Unit 8 is my late cow elk hunt, it’s an awesome and diverse unit. I’m just scratching the surface.
  7. Green, Im coming after my elk hunt to see you, maybe find a fishing hole or two, Know any ponds close by loaded with big Bluegill ?
  8. You are welcome any time. I don't know any fishing hole, maybe someone willing to give us some tips. :(