Wolf in 4A?

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  1. I can't seem to get a photo I have to load but it is a coyote strolling down my street. His tail is down.

  2. Yup born and raised in Wa. That there is the fine work of F&G introducing them into Wa. Smh
  3. Looks wolf to me. Was there any follow up from game and fish? I skimmed through this thread.
  4. Pretty cool to catch it on trail cam thou...bet it was a lone male. They travel for miles
  5. From previous post, tails are almost always down. The only time Ive seen them up is when they are in a group greeting each other.
  6. Let us know what they say about the pic. I’m very curious
  7. They also say none in 7w but I've seen them
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