Woohoo! Success in 33!

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by azcat, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Went out early last Saturday morning. Couldn't get Friday off. Parked the Jeep off the road and started walking. Went about a mile west (didn't want to walk facing the sun). Stopped along a small rideline to glass the flats and spotted a 3x3 looking at us about 50 yards away. It started walking off and stopped along the opposite ridge to look back at us. It gave me a nice 100 yard broadside shot. I know I should have taken my time and shot from the kneeling or seated postion. That's how I've been practicing, but I was pretty excited so I took an offhand shot and he fell right there.
    Field dressed it,dragged back to the Jeep and a short trip back to town for skinning and cutting.
    Definitely not a trophy buck, but a nice 3x3 without eye guards, but a lot of meat and fat on his body.
    I'll post pix depending on how they turn out. I wasn't the photographer, so I can't vouch for the quality of the results :)
    I heard the spring draw results are out, so maybe I'll be in the same area for javelina if I get lucky. I've already seen some heards in this area while scouting for mulies.

    Unit 33, west side of Santa Catalinas, Winchester M70 Simmons 3-9x40 Wal-mart combo, .30-06, 150 gr Remington Express Core-Lokt, and one brother-in-law to help drag :D
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    Congrats on a successful hunt. Post the pictures so us non tag drawing wannabes can have something to look forward to. :beer:

  3. Congrats on tagging. Nothing like having a short drag. Then you can spend the rest of the time in camp.

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    Congratulations, looking forward to seeing some pictures.
  5. Congrats and enjoy that venison!
  6. Here's my deer:


    I didn't get any pictures before we skinned it :(
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    Congrates on a nice Buck. Now my wife wants to know if you keep that head tied to your car and Bleach it that way. :lol:
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    Holy cow azcat, that's a really nice 3-pt. Another season or two and he'd have grown into a toad. Congrats on your success.
  9. Thats definately a decent 3x3. And loads of fat and meat. not a thing wrong with that. Not a thing.

    Congrats. And enjoy the meat.
  10. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    Tall - My wife definitely did NOT think that hood ornament was neat. It was removed very shortly after I got home,
    although that would be an interesting experiment to see how well it would bleach. May a long road trip up north? Last
    truck in a convoy on a gravel road...