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  1. Not really. Had to hold him there to stay. He wasn’t sure what to think of them. Lol
  2. I have continued to bring Chloe (5 Months) along with just about everything I do. She doesn't have snake training until the end of October so I've had to keep her close by but besides that she continues to amaze me. She even had a retrieve-ish in which she leapt from the kayak to get herself her first dove. Swam to shore after but I was still so proud. We've mainly been scouting and working cameras for my deer hunt come November, but have also snuck in some fishing including this nice Slab.


    IMG_0098.JPEG IMG_2707.jpg IMG_2692.PNG IMG_2734.jpg
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    Yummmmm, crappie!
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  4. Pudelpointer with a white chest?
  5. She's a GWP, liver with a white sock and chest.
  6. Good looking dog! Not the first time I have confused a GWP and Pudelpointer but it has always been the other way around before.
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  7. Legend has it that the PP bloodlines became bottlenecked, so the old German breeders recruited various pointer breeds, including all-brown GWPs to bring in new blood and save the breed. So, I wouldn’t feel too bad as the genetics of the two breeds are likely very similar ;)
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  9. Practicing blind etiquette and water retrieves. Just are few more days until the real thing :D
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  10. Your dog is a versatile hunting dog. I enjoy a water retrieve. My last dog was a 130# Chesapeake Retreiver.
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