Your 2nd Amendment Rights in AZ are in Grave Danger This November

Discussion in 'The Outdoorsman Wire' started by jls in az, May 14, 2020.

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    And furthermore, you're complaining about being a round peg in a square hole, and yet you routinely paint entire swaths of people ("demsocs" as you call them) with one broad brush, as if there was some monolithic group of people that actually fit the ridiculous stereotype that you apparently hold to. Thank goodness there is much more variety of beliefs and political, economic, and religious ideologies than you give this country credit for.
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  2. I'm not complaining about that at all. Its just a fact for me. As far as demsocs go that's now indisputable as a frame of reference for the democrat party today. They are clearly socialistic and do nothing to disavow that today. They promote it openly now and proudly. Bernie anyone? 2 years or so ago a poll was taken of just the D's and the question asked was if you had a choice would you prefer a Capitalist or Socialist society. A whopping 57% of D's responded as preferring Socialism so yeah the D party is now the Demsoc Party. Go ask them they wont deny it. "(Thank goodness there is much more variety of beliefs and political, economic, and religious ideologies than you give this country credit for.[/QUOTE])" I've never disputed such rk so whats the beef with me expressing mine?

  3. Public figures are wide open for debate and ridicule. That's part and parcel of diving into the public arena. That's called politics. Are you suggesting that picking them and their ideas apart is forbidden? "To discover who rules over you find out who you cannot criticize." I wish id have written that.
  4. AZelkhntr, come on dude, enough is enough, you looking to get BOOTED ?????? Hunting or fishing, stick to subject PLEASE !!! Who rules over me is not on this forum, His name is " LORD in HEAVEN".
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    And here we go again; yet another thread derailed into a pile of oral diarrhea and we all get sucked in without even realizing it.
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  6. November can’t come soon enough! Things are only ramping up! You guys who manage this forum do a good job of keeping the fringe group agendas off of here :D I’m grateful that this forum is a place we can still have a few laughs without all the righteousness I see on social media lately!
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  7. Okeedookee.
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    The Arizona Hunting Today forum has long been a leader in free and open discussions relevant to the great outdoors. We've built our reputation from years of being consistent in our forum decorum and by never ruling with an iron fist. While the 1st Amendment is a time honored right, and one that we wholeheartedly support here, we occasionally experience individuals who exceed the common threshold of contribution and who thus choose to move toward behaviors of dominance and defiance. Our Staff has had many recent discussions about how politics have seemingly taken root as the mainstay of our forum and we have had several PM's directed to us, both individually and as a whole, to please intervene in all the political banter and bickering.

    Beginning today, we (the Staff) are ramping up our moderation of the boards and will no longer tolerate individuals using this forum to beat the political drums with personal malice. Enough is enough, and this place needs to (and will) get back to being a forum where discussions concerning those of outdoorsmen prevail in the atmosphere here. Being a troll is no better than feeding a troll. If you wish to remain a member of this awesome forum, you better change your behavior and personal discourse or I will personally show you the exit door.

    This thread is now locked.
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