Your favorite hunt/ stand??

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  1. Just want to see this forum get going. i know there are a bunch of predator hunter on here. I want to here about you favorite hunt/ stand. i will start. We were hunting for 4 days last February and the coyotes wernt being to friendly but the cats were unbelievable. I have never seen one cat come in like they were much less 12 of them, they were coming in faster and harder then the coyotes. We set up mid day in a creek bottom, it looked great but it was pretty thick. I new if something was to come in it would be fast. we wernt calling for a min before we had a coyote back door us, after that i wasn't expecting much until i caught something slinking in down the creek. Its a cat, i told my hunting partners, he started across the creek bottom heading our way. He barely made it to our side before i catch something else coming from the same direction, the first thing i thought, no way i am going to get 2 cats. nope not that lucky but i will take it, it was a coyote. the cat seen her just as i did, but wasn't going anywhere so i let the coyote keep coming, the cat slinked under a tree and watched as she trotted right up to the decoy
    (whirling Woodpecker). now i had a dalema, coyote or cat, i know it isn't even worth thinking about! CAT. But i had a better shot at the coyote. I told myself screw it! I shot that coyote with the benelli and jumped up before that empty hull hit the ground and popped the cat in what seemed to me as one motion. That is one stand i will never forget, great location, calling, and great friends. Well that is the best i can tell a story i hope that is wast to boring. Lets here that favorite hunt of yours!
    here is my third best stand, nothing special was hunting late in the fall early summer. it was probably to late to be out there but you know how it is, we start to get stir crazy about this time. We wernt calling more then 3 mins before this coyote comes trotting in. Boom she is down, what is that? i say, its a Badger. not to exciting but it was fun. I will always remember that hunt too.
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    Good post Clint. I do have a favorite stand and it has produced more times than not. Suprisingly it is in sight of a major roadway, not more than 100 yards. I must of passed it a hundred times going into this particuliar area and never paid much attention to it, to close to the road I thought. One morning while going in I noticed a dead jack on the highway and a light bulb came on. I parked the truck right inside the gate and walked over a little knoll overlooking a dry wash. Hit the squeaker a few times and within minutes a coyote shows up. I now always hit that little knoll when I go into that area and it has almost always produced a coyote.

    Can't say that I have a favorite hunt. Best I done on cats in one day is three, two on the same stand. I took ArticFox out on one of his visits from Sweden and I called in two for him within minutes. My 8 year old grand-daughter came out with me and we called in a bobcat for her delight. I think my best hunts are when I'm out calling with a first time predator hunter. I just enjoy seeing their reaction and facial expression when a coyote or bobcat comes running in.

  3. Ok, you guys are teasin' me.......I have never gotten a bobcat and need one with my of these days a little kitty is gonna get my shaft.
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    I'll trade ya, elk for kitty.
  5. lol

    well least you guys have gotten coyotes and bobcats i have never gotten one :( and have been hunting for 10 years now. now thats bad i think :( :(
  6. No its not bad, the first 10 years i was hunting i didn't kill any either.
  7. ok makes me feel better then thanks still want to get one we had the antelope eaters hunt and i didnt even get to go out and hunt i had to work it :( oh well got to see alotof dead coyotes and bobcats lol
  8. Bobcat must be really difficult to hunt. I can't imagine getting close enough with a bow either.

    Awesome pictures...
  9. Chief, that is some nice looking trim
    I was out your way a few months ago, man you southern guys have some very enticing land to hunt. later this year i would like to head your way for a hunt or 2 if you have time maybe we could make a few stands together.