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  1. My daughter generally likes going with me (she'll be 9 in January), but hasn't yet actually "hunted". I showed her the pic on AZOD where the little dude knocked down his first dove - she said "Why can't I hunt?"....

    Some questions - I know she can hunt small game and - I guess - doves. Under 10, they don't require a license, correct?

    What about the type of game? I want her to be able to have some success. I'm thinking rabbits, but my problem is that I don't think she'll eat them. Personally, I don't like the idea of just killing em (I don't really like to eat them, either). I guess I'd be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts and strategies on getting youngsters involved.

    Also, the kid in the pic had a youth .410 (I think) - that seems to be a reasonable choice. Anyone know best place to buy, rough price, etc.? All comments welcome. I did buy "her" a .22 magnum awhile back, but it's a little long and heavy yet.
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    We must have been posting at the same time, check out "First Buck". She killed that deer 20 years ago at age 14. She has since served a tour in the Army, completed her Master Degree, married with a two year old and is a Director at a hospital.

    I started taking her and all the girls, we have 3 girls and 1 boy, as soon as they could walk and wanted to go. We forced none of them into hunting but did teach them about gun safety and respect for the land and all the creatures that live on it. It just seemed like second nature for them to want to go with dad hunting. I probably have more hunter safety hours logged than anybody else in AZ, I have sat through 6 Hunter Safety Courses, mine my wife's and 4 kids! Choice of shotgun is iffy at best, I never though of a 410 as a beginners shotgun, but more of a shotgun for an experienced hunter. Kids can become discouraged pretty fast if they are not hitting the target. I would suggest a 28ga or 20ga as a starter. Our kids all started with a 20ga and for the most part have stayed with it. Our oldest (45 -ugh) still has the first 20ga that we bought her.

  3. Thanks Chief - Anyone have recommendations on a youth 20 or 28?

    She's been going with me since she was little (but I want her to see some success) :roflpmp:

    Seriously, she enjoys going along, and watching, but now she has a hankerin to get in on the action...
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    You may want to take her to the local Rod & Gun in your area, most of them have shotguns that you can rent for use on the Trap and Skeet ranges. Let her decide what gauge she likes and feels comfortable with, I would also suggest that you find the lightest loads you can or have someone load some light loads for you.
  5. I'v got a Mossberg 20ga. I believe its a model 500 with a "youth " stock on it. I got it way back when. Its been up the river a few times. And then some. Same as a 500 but the draw on the stock is only about 11 1/2" . You might try wallyworld, they usually have some break actions in several guages. My first birds were taken out of trees ( LOL ) but I did not miss. Took me a couple of years to get the wingshooting thing down. But thats not to say I did not attempt to hit them on the wing. Just had more luck getting my limit out of trees and sometimes off the ground. Same with quail. Guess we all had to start somewhere. LOL And back when it was pretty cool the first time I limited out on dove. Quail also. LOL

    And my kids all go out with me. The oldest ( 12) has graduated to having archery tags of her own. Althought she has not had a shot at anything as of yet. Its was her decision to hunt with a recurve. The #2 daughter has applications in for javy and turkey for next year. The 2 youngest are bird fetchers and spotters for the bird seasons. As I'm not much of a rifle hunter they dont get to chase anything other then birds much. But any time I go out ,not archery hunting ,there is usually a little one or 2 with me.. LOL>. :D :D

    I cant wait to have pics like the one Chief posted. AH one of these days.

  6. Sometimes I scare myself,

    All that typing and I forgot to answer your other questions. Yes youth do not need a license as long as they are hunting "small game" with a licensed adult. And the way I understand it even my oldest does not need a bird stamp to hunt dove. Even though she already has a license.

    Per the dove and bandtail pigeon regs.

    for Juniors only dove
    Pursuant to R12-4-318 persons are eligible to participate up to and throughout the calender year of their 17th brithday".

    QUOTE " Class F,G, or H license required for participants age 14-17. Participants under 14 need not be licensed if accompied by a licensed adult as prescribed in ARS17-335" "ANy hunters 16 years of age and older shall have in thier posession an AZ migratory bird stamp which will validate their license for the Federal HIP ."

    I hope this helps. Good luck

  7. I have 4 boys. I go right to a 12guage with them. I wait untill they are 12 years old and then they get there 1st shotgun. I don't like having different calibers when bird hunting. Just me. Ususally at 12 they can handle a full sized 12gauge. I bought them Mossberg Mavericks last Christmas. They work fine for them. Under 12 years I consider it training. I teach them all I know and by 12 they are ready to go for the most part.
  8. I started my girls out young. Took them to Wy on a meat hunt - doe tags were $25 OTC and you could buy 3 of them. My girls were 4 & 6 on that trip and the youngest held the legs while I cleaned the deer. The oldest said "I ain't touching nothing dead!"

    I started them with Ruger 10/22's, then got a Rem 870 .20 ga that I added an additional recoil pad to and got them on big game with a Rem Mod 724 .244rem. Recoil is a big factor, especially with girls, so do everything you can to reduce it. Its no fun to shoot if the gun dislocates your shoulder.

    I have had some excellent times with my girls in the field over the years, and I think they look forward to it more than I do. One time I commented that we could take Mom along in one spot, Mom won't hunt game but likes looking for arrowheads, and the youngest said "no, leave her home, this is our time together Dad". So that's the way it has been for us since 99, just me and my girls and occasionally my hunting partner.