Yuma Duck....

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  1. Anyone down here in Yuma wanna take me duck hunting with them on a Sun-Tue? Never been down here. Throwing it out there for some Yuma natives!!!!
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  2. The Yuma DU Chapter just had a pint night, meet and greet last Friday :D They are rejuvenating this chapter and it looks like they had a good turnout. They have a FB page, but aren’t listed on the Arizona DU website yet.

  3. me too :), never been duck hunting, I have #4, BB, BBB willing to learn. grew up on a lake in WI. I need to break in my benali sbe3
  4. thanx Buster will look up the fb page, too bad i missed it
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  5. First ducks in Tombstone and now a Yuma DU!?
  6. Yuma’s looking for a few good public school teachers too ;) Lol, shoot all the birds you want down there!
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